Our pools are made in the USA. Be sure to avoid the low priced Chinese and Japanese pools that are floating around the market. They carry no warranty. Above ground pools come in round and oval shapes and are made from a wide variety of material. If you are looking for an entry level pool system you may look toward the Yorkshire above ground pool models which are made of galvanized steel and are economically priced. We also offer the top of the line Oxford above ground swimming pool made from aluminum which will last virtually forever! Other pools such as the Paradise is made from resin materials making it safe for salt water pools.
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Steel Inground Pool Kits
All components of MEGNA POOLS steel wall pool kits are made from the highest grade of galvanized steel available. We proudly use only North American steel in all our products! Panels are fabricated using the latest clinch-lock technology for superior rust resistance and durability - NO WELDS!

Each MEGNA POOLS product is custom made by craftsmen each with over 20 years experience in the swimming pool business. Attention to quality is our #1 goal. We don't check a product once it is made - by then it is too late! Instead we build quality into every step of the process.

We buy only the best materials available in North America. Where possible we source our products from local suppliers. Buying domestically means we support jobs for our customers. Our craftsmen are extensively trained to ensure we make only the best products! At every stage of the process each order is checked for accuracy so that the product we make is right the first time!
More Steel Information
If you need any information about our steel inground pools please call to speak to an inground pool specialist.
Avoid Rust. Keep the Zinc.
Our clinch lock technology locks the folded steel into place. There are no welds, bolts or rivets that would take off the protective zinc coating.
  • No Welds
  • No Bolts
  • No Rivets
  • No Rust
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